Portrait Commission 

oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your favourite photos 
genuine original artist fine art portraits
 portrait commission painting from photos
 created by hand using traditional artist materials 
order from an experienced professional UK portrait artist
2 great sizes made to order from your photo
12 by 16 inches
16 by 20 inches
portrait commission
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portraits from your photos

dog painting on canvas

portrait commission from photos by David Gilchrist

oil paintings created using artist quality materials in a realistic style. 

you need a good clear closeup photo

to get best results that you will love

please note that I also create portraits in colour pastels and b&w pencil

all portraits are created by hand in the UK

visit some of my other  pages or portrait galleries for more samples of original  artwork from your photos .

painted portraits make special gifts for a birthday anniversary or wedding or any other occasion etc. contact me for full details.

portrait painting commission from photo


The artist

Choose an artist or art company that is experienced in painting portraits from photos ( you may know an artist who paints great landscapes for example but this does not mean that they can produce a portrait to a high standard )
Ask to see sample portraits with the original photos that they were taken from and only order if you like the finished results.
Be wary if someone can only show one or two samples of work - it may be these are the only ones that have worked out and the rest of their work is not so good.
A good artist will normally have a portfolio selection of recent works to show you, be guided by this. Don`t be swayed by someone who says of course my work is great as I went to art school - they may have been a poor student !

Other considerations to commission portrait paintings   Ask how long it will take from the date that you give your order. If your portrait is for your moms birthday in two weeks it is no good if you have to wait a month for completion.
Some art companies send abroad for paintings to be painted and may take longer to turn photos to paintings than a local artist

Cost of portrait
Here it is up to the individual company or artist and the prices vary enormously, with artists who are famous charging many hundreds or thousands of pounds.
However a competent professional artist who is not such a big name may only charge a fraction of this amount - perhaps only a hundred pounds or so for a single person portrait, although be prepared to pay more for each person in your painting,  remember time is money and more people to paint means more time to complete your artist portrait commission 
The internet is a good source of portrait companies and artists and you can compare prices and samples of work to suit your needs.
Many will start your painting for a deposit of 50% and let you preview the finished result before you pay the balance

( usually, payment is by credit card using paypal or similar payment system ).

My name is David Gilchrist and I hope you find this guide has been helpful to commission an artist
I am a portrait artist who specialises in painting and drawing portraits from your photos and have many years experience 

painting people and pets  You can also visit my dogs  page for more inspiration
please feel free to compare my work with other artists for quality and value

David Gilchrist

Ordering your portrait

I need to make sure the quality of your photo is ok before I ask for a deposit.


1  send your email from contact page ( add your photo ) i will then let you know if your photograph is ok and give a quote


 payment is online by paypal

2 you let me know you want to go ahead and  ill email you a paypal invoice for  30% deposit payment from your  credit card or bank account to start your artwork

( you may need a paypal account )

3  I then send you a preview photograph of the finished painting before final payment by paypal


fast delivery

finished art is posted by royal mail next day delivery in UK