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I need to see your photo before i can tell if it will be suitable for me to work from

and you can contact me here or use the upload form lower down to send me your photo stored on your device 


Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Get in Touch

get in touch for portraits info., prices etc

or upload your photo and I can advise if it is

suitable to work from

Working at a Cafe

you can message me here

sorry no new artwork due to illness untill further
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Thanks for submitting!

use other form to upload photo

you can upload photo here

upload your photo here from your computer etc.

( jpg. png. photo files )

sorry no new artwork due to illness untill further
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You need good clear photographs
for artist portraits that will shine !

As an artist I am only able to draw or paint the details I can see, so a good clear photo is an essential to give you the best results from this portrait artist
upload your image and I can advise you on your photo`s suitability for a great artwork of people or pets

My top tips -
  • use a good camera for good clear results
  • ensure subject is well lit
  • focus on eyes
  • outside light is best - shoot away from the sun
  • head and shoulders is prefrerred
  • dont over crop - leave space around the head and shoulders
portrait painting photographer
portraits from photos.jpg
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