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I need to see your photo before i can tell if it will be suitable for me to work from and you can contact me here for more info. or use the upload form lower down to send me your photo stored on your device 

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what photos are best for hand painted portraits from photos ?
what type of photographs are best for me ?

here I try and answer for you the types of image quality and layout 

I need to give best results for a great painting.

the best type of photos are closeup with lots of clear detail and it helps if your image is already large enough to see all details like eyes 
and facial features without straining.

one or two people or pets in a photo are usually better than a group, as the more subjects in a photo means smaller details in the actual painting.
so groups of people standing in a wedding group may not work in my sizes.

head and shoulders is the ideal layout for the portrait as this gives the best detail 

high resolution photos are favourite and are the easiest to copy for best results.
why does this matter?
I need to see detail - if I cant see an area properly I cant paint it properly, so fuzzy out of focus photos will mean I cant do justice to the subject and 
give a good likeness and will not give good results.

layout of photo also matters as two heads close together will give more detail than two heads spread out with a distance between

people standing full length are usually too far away for me to see detail to copyand painting small detail may not be practical to do in my canvas sizes.

please note that this is a guide that works for me with my way of working the detail I like to include and sizes I work to.

as other artist work differently some of their needs may differ too

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You can contact me using one of the above forms and i will get back to you by email

or you can also  contact me by post at my home address 

oil painting portrait

sample oil painting portrait