Dog Portraits

oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your photos of people and pets
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I am a Glasgow specialist dog portraits artist who helps you cherish your precious photo memories of your dog with a unique fine artwork created from your photo images

dog portraits

please note I dont supply frames

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Dog paintings are meticulously created by hand using high quality artist materials, ensuring enduring results that will last for many generations.

The dog art shows your pet's likeness and character in stunning detail, creating a personal art piece from your photo,
from eyes  (which it is said are the windows to the soul ) to nose and mouth giving your dog its unique expressions you love.
and your pet`s coat is depicted as in your picture, copying the detailed texture of shadow and highlights and colour that make your dog unique.

Great care is taken to ensure accuracy to photo is maintained throughout

but please note that it will look lifeless unless it has the magic of artistic expression given by the artist in every dog or puppy portrait artwork from your special photographs.

Every painting or drawing created is a new unique artwork

I aim to give the best portraits I can for you, and to achieve this providing a photograph of your special dog that shows all the details you desire is essential for a proper likeness 
It is essential that I see all the details clearly to paint or draw properly, so fuzzy out of focus pictures will not give you the results you would expect
and I must see all photos to make sure they will be suitable for producing a work of art of a high standard that you will love hanging in your home or office.


Pastel portraits are the least well known and pastels look like  chalk sticks and are applied to the paper surface like chalks and are sprayed with a fixative to keep from smudging.

These pastel portraits have a velvety texture and look to them and are favoured by many artists for portraits and the pastels can be blended to many subtle shades for eyes hair ,fur etc.  

pastel dog portraits are drawn from your special photos to give a wonderful likeness and will make a fabulous gift for a friend.

See sample pets  portraits on the pastel portraits gallery page.

Portraits are on heavy pastel paper and come with a free backing board and card surround mount ready for framing your  pastel drawing. You need a good clear photo to show details to be copied to your pastel  drawing.



Each pencil portrait is expertly drawn onto heavy grade art paper in a realistic portrait style taking many hours to achieve wonderful results that can be seen in pet portraits from this busy dog portrait artist.

Conte drawing pencils are used on the bigger  portraits giving rich dark shadows and good contrast while the smaller drawings benefit from  conte and  other art pencils that give fine detailed results you will love.

Each pencil portrait in my normal sizes has a free card surround mount and a backing board is supplied as standard ready to frame.

A good clear photograph is required for a superior result .

Email me your photo and i`ll let you know if it is suitable, and ask for your free quote for glasgow dog  portraits uk


Ordering your portrait

I need to make sure the quality of your photo is ok before I ask for a deposit.


1  send your email from contact page ( add your photo ) i will then let you know if your photograph is ok and give a quote


 payment is online by paypal

2  you let me know you want to go ahead and  ill email you a paypal invoice for  30% deposit payment from your  credit card or bank account to start your artwork

( you may need a paypal account )

3  I then send you a preview photograph of the finished painting before final payment by paypal


fast delivery

finished art is posted by royal mail next day delivery in UK

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