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oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your photos 
dog portrait painting .jpg

Authentic dog portraits
by artist David Gilchrist

 custom portraits crafted from your special photo images
created in


please note I dont supply frames

oil painting on canvas
dog portraits painting
oil paintings from £300
 pastel drawing
on pastel paper / card
pastel dog portrait customer
pastel portraits from £195

pencil drawing on art paper
dog portraits pencil drawing
pencil portraits from £120
dog portraits artist

Looking for a dog artist ?
 Your pet`s likeness and character produced in realistic detail
professional dog portraits make a perfect gift 

Dog portrait art is very popular and makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves dogs 
whether for a dog memorial or just to please the family with a special portrait of your friend

Your dog is your best friend, your loyal companion. They’re always there for you, no matter

what, and they always make you smile. 
So why not immortalize your furry friend in a piece of art that you can cherish forever?

Dog portraits are the perfect way to do just that.

Dog portraits are becoming increasingly popular, as pet parents look for ways to capture their dog’s personality

and create a unique piece of art for their home. 


Dog portraits from photos are the perfect way to commemorate your beloved pet. Unlike traditional photos, 
these custom-made pieces of art are designed to highlight your dog's unique personality and features. 
And because they're handmade, each one is completely unique - just like your furry friend!

you can have portraits in these styles created by hand for you using the best professional artist materials
I work in oil paints giving you realistic dog paintings on canvas or a lovely pastel dog portrait in colour
and finally I can create a b&w pencil drawing of your pet on textured art paper  -

and they are all created here in the UK

If you're looking for a truly special and personalized gift, dog art is the way to go. Here are just a few reasons why:

- They're totally unique. Unlike store-bought gifts, no one else will have a dog portrait like yours.

- They're personal. A dog portrait is the perfect way to commemorate your furry friend and celebrate their individuality.

- They're handcrafted. Unlike mass-produced items, each dog portrait is handmade with love and care by this dedicated dog artist.

- They make a great conversation starter. Whether you hang your dog portrait in your home or office, it's sure to get people talking!

If you're ready to commission a dog portrait of your own, the process is easy. First, simply choose your favourite dog photo.
Then, send it to me along with any specific instructions or requests you may have. 
Once your portrait is complete, you'll receive a beautiful piece of art that you'll treasure forever.

So what are you waiting for? commission a  portrait today and give your furry friend the personalized dog portrait gift they deserve!

You can find many examples of  my authentic hand painted custom portraits that I have created

in oil colour, soft pastels chalks and b & w pencil , here in my galleries and portrait pages.
Take your time to view and make sure you like my work , it is too late later on if you think it is not the style you like -remember every artist will be different and once you know you are ok with my work 
and style you can sort your photos out.

Firstly , it is essential to have a good clear up close photograph that I can use as a reference to copy
the likeness and personality of your pet, whether it is the speedy gonzales of the family or just likes
to laze around the house, your proud guard dog or an expert at hide and seek, if your photo 
captures the dogs expression and personality, then I can capture the photo to create a lovely
pet oil painting or drawing perfectly for you. 

I can create an artwork of any breed, long or short coat , small or large animal .
but please remember that I do need that special clear photo to do justice to the dog in detail
the better the photo the better the dog portrait can be.

Once you have your ideal photo you can upload the image to me from my contact page 
I can then view your photograph and let you know if it will be suitable , I can do full 
figures, but head and shoulders will be better for a more detailed portrait.

I can also do dogs together but the more in a portrait , the less detail is possible
and I dont do large groups. again I need to view photos to know what can be
done and decide  if a decent job is possible from the image provided.

The main purpose is to create the best portraits I can so please  do not be offended 
if your photo is rejected - it is usually just because the detail is insufficiant to see 
detail properly and get a good likeness.

Your portraits are created individually by hand and it takes a while to create a proper job
using the traditional artist materials and time to complete can take anywhere from a few days
to many weeks depending on style, no of subjects and complexity of the art etc.
for instance an oil painting will take a lot longer to do than a pencil drawing of the
same photo.

Once I have your dog photo i can get started and work my artistic flair to create a 
stunning masterpiece by hand for you capturing your photo perfectly for you to
appreciate for years to come.

you can send your photos to me by email or use the upload form

all the details are on my contact page,

David Gilchrist Glasgow, Scotland, UK

why not commission Dog Artist Portraits  from me today

 painted or drawn by hand from your special image

stunning pet artwork that makes an uplifting gift for any occasion

get in touch for info and a price list today 

dog portraits pasteldrawing


Pastel portraits are the least well known and pastels look like  chalk sticks and are applied to the paper surface like chalks and are sprayed with a fixative to keep from smudging.

These pastel drawings have a velvety texture and look to them and are favoured by many artists for portraits and the pastels can be blended to many subtle shades for eyes hair ,fur etc.  

pastel dog portraits are drawn in Glasgow UK from your special photos to give a wonderful likeness and will make a fabulous gift for a friend.

See sample pets  portraits on the pastel portraits gallery page.

Drawings are on heavy pastel paper and come with a free backing board and card surround mount ready for framing your  pastel drawing. You need a good clear photo to show details to be copied to your pastel  artwork.



Each pencil portrait is expertly drawn onto heavy grade art paper in a realistic portrait style taking many hours to achieve wonderful results that can be seen in  pet pencil portraits from this busy dog artist.

Conte drawing pencils are used on the bigger artworks giving rich dark shadows and good contrast while the smaller drawings benefit from  conte and  other art pencils that give fine detailed results you will love.

Each pencil portrait in my normal sizes has a free card surround mount and a backing board is supplied as standard ready to frame.

A good clear photograph is required for a superior result .

Email me your photo and i`ll let you know if it is suitable, and ask for your free quote 


Ordering your dog portrait

I need to make sure the quality of your photo is ok before I ask for a deposit.


1  send your email from contact page ( add your photo ) i will then let you know if your photograph is ok and give a quote


 payment is online by paypal

2  you let me know you want to go ahead and  ill email you a paypal invoice for  30% deposit payment from your  credit card or bank account to start your artwork

( you may need a paypal account )

3  I then send you a preview photograph of the finished painting before final payment by paypal


fast delivery

finished art is posted by royal mail next day delivery in UK

david gilchrist dog portraits.png
portraits from photos.jpg
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