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exclusive pencil drawings from your photos of people and pets


draw portraits from photos
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find more samples in my galleries

Pencil portraits from your photos drawn by hand using traditional materials to cherish the memory of a loved one or a pet for you to cherish always

I like to draw portraits from clients photos to order

Have your photos turned into a wonderful portrait drawing by a professional pencil portrait artist with many years experience portraying custom portraits from photos of people and pets for you to enjoy or give as a thoughtful present to friends or family etc. 

Your portrait is an original artwork created by hand using your favourite photographs as a reference.

Each pencil portrait is drawn expertly onto heavy grade art paper in a realistic style taking many hours to achieve startling results that can be seen in both dog and people portraits from this busy portrait artist.

Each drawing in my normal sizes has a free card surround mount and backing board supplied 

  and is ready to frame. 

A good clear photograph is required for me to depicted portraits from photos to get a good likeness.

Email me your picture and i`ll let you know if it is suitable and you can ask for your free quote

from the pencil artist.and please dont forget that i also draw  portraits of dogs from your photos

showing some stages in completing a pencil portrait
draw portrait stages.jpg
pencil drawing
draw portrait.jpg

view my dog portraits page for details of my authentic pet artwork created from your special image

draw dog portrait
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Hand Drawn Artist Portraits

If you want to show your loved ones how much you care, why not get them an original portrait.

Custom Drawn artist portraits from clients photos of people or pets.

It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion!

Check out my galleries of previous works and get in touch with me today to commission your very own piece of custom pencil art!

 Requesting a portrait drawing
To hand draw a portrait from a photo, clients will first need to send me a photo of their pet or person they’d like drawn. I accept photos taken with a decent camera  or phone and upload from my contact page and I can advise if suitable

Once I receive your photos, it generally takes me about a week to finish your portrait—but keep in mind that I’m often booked up  in advance.

So please ask if you require a certain date.

 Choosing your photo
It’s easier to draw a portrait from a photo rather than just an idea, but getting one that makes you look good isn’t as easy as it seems. Before you order your artist portrait, take several photos  from various angles . Make sure  that there aren’t any distracting background objects in view.
your photo needs to be clear and sharp  and close enough to see all facial detail as I can`t copy properly what i can`t see clearly.
don`t over crop - leave some space around the head .

I always need to view photos to make sure they are suitable for me to work from  and do justice to the subject.

Photo quality is very important, so please consider using a digital camera or a phone with a good camera instead of just your phone. . It’s also better to take several shots of each pose in case one doesn’t turn out good!

 Also, don’t crop your photo  - leave it as it was taken with space around the head with nothing cut off .


 Ordering your pencil portrait
The Checkout process is very simple. Send me a photo of your subject(s), tell me how you want them painted, and let me know if you have any special requests.

Once I receive your order,  i can get more detailed information from you if needed about your portrait order.

After I've talked with you and finalized all details I get your deposit and then  I'll start drawing! Most custom pencil portrait orders take about a week to finish  before they are ready for shipping to clients.

david gilchrist portraits.png
portraits from photos.jpg
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