Hand Painted Portraits

oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your photos of people and pets

oil paintings of people and pets

beautiful original hand painted portraits from your photos
created in the UK
2 great sizes made to order from your photo
12 by 16 inches
16 by 20 inches
hand painted portaits
some of my oil painting samples
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hand painted portraits
oil portrait of children
You can have original portraits
professionally painted from your special photographs in the uk bringing out the unique likeness and spirit of the subject

I am a Glasgow portrait artist and turn photos into realistic paintings 

Each one is unique to you and is painted by hand on high grade stretched canvas Each is painted from your picture to give you the best results for original artist portraits of people and pets

Hand painted portraits professionally painted in oil colour on stretched cotton canvas, the artist bringing to you a lifelike portrait worthy of pride of place in any home.

 An original oil painting from your photograph makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift for your family or friends for an anniversary, birthday, or wedding  and people  will appreciate the detailed workmanship in these original paintings that will last for many years to come.

A portrait by the artist David Gilchrist is a lasting reminder and a treasure for you to enjoy.
All you need for a fabulous oil painting is a good clear photo that shows all the detail to be copied to your artwork . 

Email me your photo and i`ll let you know if it is suitable and ask for your free quote today for genuine people or dog & puppy paintings by hand. 

 Girl Taking a Photo
you need a good clear photo for me to work from

portraits by hand


You may have photographs That are special to you , a family wedding or a dream holiday, a school or nursery photo, etc. can be transformed into original painted art created by hand that you will be proud to hang in your home for family and friends to admire. 
All you need is a good clear image large enough to show the features clearly for transferring from your photograph to amazing hand painted image.
why not have your pets created as painted portraits  go to my dogs portrait page for more inspiration.
I have standard sizes I normally work to, for paintings and you can buy ready made frames in these sizes .
You can click on the navigation bars above to go to the gallery pages or get individual samples from photos . 
You can see the quality and value that you can expect as you are dealing direct from David Gilchrist the portrait painter with many years experience of hand painted portraits from photos and completes many special commissions every year 
I try to achieve the best possible likeness to any portrait and take the time to make this above all considerations. I mainly paint people, children , small family groups, mums and dads etc and pet portraits ,( dog, cat, horse, etc. )but you can also order building , landscape, vehicle etc. to the same high standards, please ask for a special quote for paintings 
Professional painting and drawing by UK portrait artist 
I create a large number of paintings for customers around the Glasgow area for hand created artwork and now you can order online too ! 
Top quality portraits and of course hand painted pets portraits.
Quick personal service at some of the best prices make ordering from me the right choice either online or by post - e mail or post a copy of your special photos today for a personal quote, or just for more info for artist portraits.

David Gilchrist