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oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your photos of people and pets
painting from photo
painting from photograph
find more samples in my galleries

keeping the memory of your loved ones in mind
with a bespoke painting from photograph of people and pets created in my home studio
using top quality art materials

All my paintings from photographs are
crafted by hand in the UK

You can have wonderful oil paintings from photos portrayed by a professional portrait artist in the UK created Specially For You !
Exclusive original fine art oil paintings from photos are a popular gift for any friend or family member

and are painted in my modern realistic style showing all detail from your photo reference
Portraits from your cherished photos of people and pets by talented painter David Gilchrist.

With many years experience I am a master at producing a unique quality portrait from a picture you will love.
great results using finest grade artist materials that will last and give you a one off original portrait painting of stunning quality you will treasure in the years to come.

Order direct from the artist and save
I use modern high grade artist quality griffin alkyd oil paints by Winsor and Newton that dry in days ( not weeks ) with less time between each stage, I can be more cost effective. 
Your painting is created in weeks, not months No time is wasted for a sitting  as I work direct from your photo
see also my pet portraits page for pet artwork and dog paintings  ideas.

showing some stages in completing an oil portrait
create painting from photo .jpg
oil painting
 oil painting from photograph  .jpg

visit my dog portraits page for details if you want me to paint a photo of your pet

dog painting from photograph .jpg
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About My Oil Paintings From Photographs

One of the most well-known and in-demand painting styles, oil paintings offer rich texture and color that can turn an ordinary photograph into a true work of art. I use this technique to create stunningly realistic oil paintings from photographs, turning people and  pets into bespoke one-of-a-kind fine works of art on canvas.

As a portrait artist, I paint a photo of people and pets from your reference material . It’s important to have quality reference material to work from when painting from photo portraits, so I encourage all of my clients to send me clear, well-lit photos of themselves or their pet so that I can ensure your final product looks just like you want it to.

Creating a custom painting is a multi-step process that begins with taking photos of you or your pet for reference material. Then, I paint these photos roughly onto  canvas, add shadows and adjust details before finally adding final paint on top to create a realistic image.

Throughout the process, it’s crucial that all steps are taken seriously in order to create a beautiful painting for you or your loved one. I invite you to browse through my online portfolio galleries to see some examples of paintings I’ve done! If there are  projects you would like to commission, please feel free to contact me if you have a picture to paint. .


Thank you 

david gilchrist portraits.png
portraits from photos.jpg
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