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pastel dog drawings
pastel dog drawing photo
framed dog portrait

Your photo can be used to create a genuine artist portrait by hand for a realistic finish.

pastel dog drawing

Commission pastel dog drawings
100% created by hand using traditional art materials 

pastel portraits from your photos that you will love  pets are a great delight to many and pet portraits ( in artist soft pastel ) are drawn from your photo in the UK.

pastel dog drawings from your photos is a lovely thought for a friend or relative

Pastel dog drawings from your photos uk. are drawn by pet portrait artist David Gilchrist to your requirements 
see sample gallery of pastel portraits 100% drawn in the uk
Professional paintings and drawings by Glasgow artist David gilchrist


should be sharp and as a rough guide the head and shoulders of your photos should be the focus taking up the main space to get detail for a portrait

pastel dog drawings
pastel dog drawings
find more samples in my galleries
pastel dog drawings

Lifelike pastel dog drawings from your photos original artwork delivered to your door in UK

pastel dog drawings

pastel portrait sample

pastel portraits are the least well known and pastels resemble chalk sticks and are applied to the paper surface like chalks and are sprayed to keep from smudging.
These pet portraits have a velvety texture and look to them and are favoured by many artists for portraits as the pastels can be blended to many subtle shades by the dog artist.
Dog pastel portraits are drawn from your special photos to a professional standard by myself in the UK for a wonderful likeness of your pet and will make a fabulous gift for friends or family. You can see more sample pet portraits on the pastel portraits gallery page.
Pastel dog drawings from photos are drawn on heavy pastel paper and come with a free backing board and card surround mount ready for the frame of your choice.
You need a good clear photo as a reference for me to work from to show details to be copied to your pastel dog portrait.
To find out if your photo is suitable email me a copy and ask for your free quote for your pastel dog drawings from your photos . for personal service you can commission a portrait direct from the artist.

portrait dog artist
Davd Gilchrist

it is important to have a good clear photo for me to copy from so I can draw a proper likeness
portraits from photos.jpg
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