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I create professional pastel portraits drawings from your people and pets photos

to order portraits you need to upload me your photo to find out if i can work from it and get a quote for your pastel drawing

pastel portraits

Genuine pastel portrait artwork drawn for you
in Glasgow, Scotland UK

I can  create professional  portraits of people and pets for you using this wonderful medium that gives subtle blends and shading ideally suited to portrait work and for creating lasting memories from your special photo images.

pastel portraits are crafted using coloured pastel sticks  like chalk onto premium pastel paper or board  by a pastel portrait artist with many years experience working from clients photographs of pets or people.

I have 2 popular sizes that I work to  12 by 16 inches and 20 by 16 inches that will give a good result from the pastel chalks.

please remember that pastels are fragile and need to be framed under glass for extra protection but once framed should last a lifetime.

I also create oil painting portraits on canvas and b&w pencil portraits why not check these out too !

colour drawings of people and pets 
showing some stages in creating
a colour pastel portrait 
completed artist
pastel drawing 
pastel portraits 1
 pastel portraits 2
pastel artist portraits from £195

roughly the method I use to create a pastel portrait drawing

I lightly sketch in the face details on my pastel paper then with my pallette of flesh colours of pastel chalk sticks
I roughly shade in all the main areas  then I go over the drawing  again refining the areas and blending the dry colours as I go adding more and more detail taking care with eyes nose mouth etc. until I get the finished result.

showing some stages in creating
a colour pastel portrait 
completed artist
pastel drawing 
pastel stages.jpg
pastel portrait girl.jpg

Hi David,

Just to let you know I have framed the 3 drawings and they look super - thank you very much I am delighted with them - have a good Christmas - regards,

 Margaret Burns

Photos of pastel portraits sent in by my happy clients

framed dog portrait
dog portraits sample 2
portraits from photos.jpg
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