Pencil Drawings Of People And Pets

exclusive pencil drawings of people and pets from your photos
pencil drawings of people and pets
some examples of hand drawn portraits from photos
2 great sizes made to order from your photo
12 by 16 inches
16 by 20 inches
pencil drawings of people and pets

pencil portraits from photos

What you get 

portrait drawn in black art pencil on textured heavy white art paper

to your requirements with backing and card surround mount

Portrait Style 
pencil drawings

 you get a genuine artist original portrait created by the portrait artist

David Gilchrist

    in my home studio    

all portraits are ready for framing

please note that I dont supply picture frames

pencil drawings of people and pets

Fine art pencil drawings of people and pets

from your favourite photographs 
Top quality results by pencil portrait artist

All the pencil drawings are created in the UK. by me personally ensuring a personal service at all times.

For  drawings from photos I prefer to use a black matt artist drawing pencil which produces a good contrast between black and white as it gives rich black shadows .


This now means I can give you the best realistic results from your detailed images.

 drawings of people and pets from your photos can include children ,parents, family and friends.

Pencil portraits of pets can include pet dog, cat , rabbit, horse etc.

Your photos should show all details clearly to enable me to copy from your photos into your new original portrait drawing. Email me your photo and i`ll let you know if it is suitable and you can ask for your free quote.


David Gilchrist

 Girl with camera Taking a Photo
you need a good clear photo for me to work from

First class quality pencil portraits


drawings of people, men, women and children for birthdays, anniversaries, parties graduation, retirements, christmas etc
portraits of pets including dogs ,cats, horses,all you need is a good clear photograph to copy detail to your portrait drawing of people and their lovely pets
genuine pencil drawings created by hand from your photos by portrait artist David Gilchrist each portrait comes with card backing and card mount surround ready to frame

Each portrait is unique to you and is drawn by hand from photos on high grade textured art paper taking me hours to achieve the detail to give you the best pencil drawings of people and pets you will love.

david gilchrist portraits.png