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pencil portraits artist
pencil portraits
find more samples in my galleries

Specialist artist for exclusive pencil portraits drawings
I will capture a realistic likeness from your special photos custom drawn in the UK to preserve your special memories of people and pets

pencil portraits drawn by hand 

You can have a fine pencil portrait drawing depicted in pencil exclusively by Scottish portrait artist David Gilchrist 
People and pets photos are carefully copied by hand to a professional standard with a high degree of likeness to the photo supplied

Each artwork is expertly drawn onto heavy grade art paper in a realistic portrait style taking many hours to achieve wonderful results that can be seen in both pet portraits and people portraits from this busy artist.
Each artist pencil portrait in my normal sizes has a free card surround mount and a backing board is supplied as standard ready to frame.
A good clear photograph is required for a superior pencil portraits result .
Email me your photo and i`ll let you know if it is suitable, and ask for your free quote. 
If you require a thoughtful gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday , or any special occasion a hand created dog pencil portrait drawing is an ideal present for family or friends.

showing some stages in completing a pencil portrait
stages pencil girl.jpg
pencil drawing
sample pencil girl.jpg

my pencil portrait artworks

are rendered on a heavy art paper and I use only fine artist grade materials from top manufacturers.

Drawings can vary from a rough sketch, to very detailed drawings and usually more detail means more time to produce and more expense.( I try and create a nice detailed drawing at a reasonable price )

Size matters!

The size of a pencil drawing can determine how much detail is put into a portrait , if a customer picks a small size ( say 10 by 12 inches ) for a full length figure you will not get anywhere near as much detail as you would in a larger drawing of just the face.

It is best to keep size in mind when ordering your pencil artwork as a small size drawing may not suit your portrait due to the amount of detail needed

This is why my smallest size is 12 by 16 inches

please note that i also create oil painting portraits and pastel portraits why not check these out also !

portrait painter David Gilchrist

david gilchrist portraits.png

visit my dog portraits page for details of my genuine dog portraits crafted by hand from your special photo

 dog pencil portrait drawn
 to dog page
 photographer taking photo

you need a good clear photo for me to work from

portraits from photos.jpg
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