oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings of your pet animals
pet portraits
pet portraits
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 portraits from photos
pet portraits

created by hand using traditional
artist materials in Glasgow UK
oil pet portraits
pet painting artist

 art pet portraits created by hand


Original carefully hand painted or hand drawn portrait artwork of people and pets make fantastic gifts from photos for birthdays, anniversaries, xmas,etc - order my artist  portraits paintings or drawings of your pets today !

pets are a great delight
to many and a pet painting or drawing created in the UK. is a lovely thought for a friend or relative or as a treat for yourself  direct from this artist .

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Each pet picture is carefully crafted by hand from high quality professional artists materials for best results that will last many generations.

all pet art captures your pets photo showing the likeness and character of your pal in stunning detail from eyes  (which it is said are the windows to the soul ) to nose and mouth giving your pets the unique expressions you love.
your pets coat is drawn or painted as in your picture copying the detailed texture of shadow and highlights and colour that make  your pet unique.

 Great care is taken to ensure accuracy to photo is maintained throughout but please remember that it will look lifeless unless it has the magic of artistic expression given by the artist in every pet portrait work.
  I can create images in three artist medium styles by hand, oil colour on canvas,  colour artists pastels drawings on pastel paper or board, or black and white pencil drawings on textured art paper.

Each of my portraits styles of fine professional pet artwork from an artist with many years experience working to high standards on a tight deadline from clients loved  photographs.

Every animal  painting or drawing is unique and created by hand so you need to provide a good clear photograph that shows all the detail you wish in your special  artwork. 
I need to be able to see all the detail clearly to paint or draw it properly, so fuzzy out of focus pictures will not give the good results you would be expecting and I need to see all photos to ensure they are suitable to produce an artwork of high standard that you will love in your home.

you need a good clear photo to get best results for your pet portraits
pet portraits

Hi David,

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the portrait you did of our dog Charlie.

I am going to put it in a frame for my husband for Christmas and I`m sure he`ll love it.

Thank you once again.

Pat Wheeler

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Ordering your portrait

I need to make sure the quality of your photo is ok before I ask for a deposit.


1  send your email from contact page ( add your photo ) i will then let you know if your photograph is ok and give a quote

 payment is online by paypal

2 you let me know you want to go ahead and  ill email you a paypal invoice for  30% deposit payment from your  credit card or bank account to start your artwork

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3  I then send you a preview photograph of the finished painting before final payment by paypal


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finished art is posted by royal mail next day delivery in UK