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oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings of your pet animals
pet portraits
pet portraits
find more samples in my galleries

pet portraits from photos

created by hand using traditional
artist materials and methods in Glasgow UK
by a professional artist with many years experience in working from clients photos
oil pet portraits
pet painting artist

 artist pet portraits created for you by hand

Original custom painted or hand drawn portrait artwork of  pets make fantastic gifts from photos for birthdays, anniversaries, xmas, etc. -

order my artist  portraits paintings or drawings of your pets today !

pets are a great delight
to many and a pet painting or drawing portrayed in the UK. is a lovely thought for a friend or relative or as a treat for yourself  direct from this pet artist .

you can also visit my dog portraits page or dog painting page for details of my authentic pet artist portraits by hand from your special image

dog pet portraits
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Each pet artist picture is carefully crafted by hand from high quality professional artists materials

for best results that will last many generations.

As any pet lover knows, our furry friends are not just animals - they're family. 
So why not capture their personality and individuality in a bespoke
piece of art?

That's where my pet portraits come in!

Today pet portrait paintings are more popular than ever. 
Whether it is to remember a pet that has passed away or to celebrate a current pet, 
pet paintings make a beautiful and personal addition to any home.

By purchasing a custom pet artwork direct from the artist, 
you can get a one-of-a-kind piece that you will cherish forever.

While some people may think that all pet paintings are created equal, this is simply
not the case.

When people purchase pet paintings from photos they are usually doing so because
they want to capture their pet in its best light. This means that the artist needs to be able to translate
the photo into a work of art that does the pet justice.

Not all artists are able to do this. Some artists may be able to create a technically accurate pet oil painting
but it will lack the soul that is needed to make a truly special piece. Other artists may be able to
capture the essence of the pet but the painting will be far from perfect.

When looking for a pet artist to create a painting you should look for someone who has lots of 
experience with painting animals using traditional materials.

I have many years experience working from photos of pets and you can view a gallery of 
my work here on this website. You can view sample pet portraits and dog portraits that I have created

and get an idea of the realistic style I create for my pet owning  clients .
Once you are confident you like my work, you can go to my contact page and  upload the photo you would 
like painted.
I can then review your photo and let you know if it is suitable to work from.

I will then work my artistic magic and create an authentic oil  painting on canvas by hand you will cherish forever.

you can have portraits of many different pet animals including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, horses, ponies, turtles, tortoises 


Looking for the perfect unique gift for an animal lover in your life ?.

Why not commission me to create a genuine b&w pet drawing from a photo ?

There are many reasons why an artist pet drawing makes a great gift. 
First, it is a highly personalised present that captures the unique likeness 
and personality of a beloved pet.
Second, it is a gift that can be cherished for  years to come.
And third it helps support the artist.

you can find a pencil sample gallery here

When commissioning an artist pencil pet drawing , the first step is to choose a photo that you love. 
This can be a recent photo or an older one  - the important thing is that
it captures the essence of your pet and it contains the detail needed for me to copy.

Once you have selected a photo and I have ok`d it as suitable to work from,
I can then get to work creating your custom drawing. 
This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on 
the complexity of the piece of artwork.

Once I have completed your drawing on white textured heavy art paper , you will have a uniquely 
personal work of  pencil art portrayed by hand that captures the likeness of your pet photo perfectly.



view my slide show

of how I create a colourful artist portrait by hand using traditional soft pastels chalks art materials

showing the stages from beginning sketch to the completed finished artwork

find  pastels gallery here and explore more pastel dog drawings from photos

you need a good clear photo to get best results for your pet portraits
pet portraits photographer

Hi David,

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the portrait you did of our dog Charlie.

I am going to put it in a frame for my husband for Christmas and I`m sure he`ll love it.

Thank you once again.

Pat Wheeler

Ordering your portrait

I need to make sure the quality of your pet photo is ok before I ask for a deposit.


1  send your email from contact page ( add your photo ) i will then let you know if your photograph is ok and give a quote

 payment is online by paypal

2 you let me know you want to go ahead and  ill email you a paypal invoice for  30% deposit payment from your  credit card or bank account to start your pet artwork

( you may need a paypal account )

3  I then send you a preview photograph of the finished painting before final payment by paypal


fast delivery

finished pet art is posted by royal mail next day delivery in UK

portraits from photos.jpg
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