Picture To Painting

oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your photos of people and pets

Premium quality
portrait oil paintings

skillfully created by hand for you in the UK
from your photos of people and pets

Created Specially For You !
Exclusive fine art picture to painting portraits
from your cherished photos


picture to painting
  oil painting portraits samples
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You can order quality original picture to painting on canvas


from your special photos
You can commission unique portraits painted or drawn from photos of your children or family or friends direct from the portrait artist Fabulous original portrait paintings of your favourite pet, dog, cat, horse etc. from your cherished photos to order.
Original portraits by hand from photos make a wonderful anniversary gift from your most memorable photograph and you can order a fabulous  gift for a work colleague or friend from a special picture.
David Gilchrist , is a professional portrait artist living and working in the west of Scotland for personal attention and best service for a picture to painting artwork to your requirements

please also visit my pets portraits page for more samples

girl and dog oil painting
 photographer taking photo
you need a good clear photo for me to work from