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oil paintings , pastel drawings and pencil drawings from your photos of people and pets
portrait artist painting

Artwork carefully created by hand by a fine portrait artist
in SCOTLAND, UK can make a heartfelt gift

I am a specialist portrait artist using traditional materials and working methods for artwork 
A painting of your photograph is more than just a likeness, it's a piece of art that can be treasured for years to come.

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portrait artist painting
portrait artist pencil drawing
 portrait artist pastel drawing
 some of the stages in creating a
b & w portrait drawing by hand using art pencils on textured paper
portrait artist pencil drawing method .jpg
artist drawing 
portrait artist pencil drawing woman

roughly the method used to create a b&w pencil portrait drawing

I lightly sketch in the face using my artist pencil and try and get an accurate placement of the features 
once that is complete  then I can then shade the portrait and add more detail, lastly I  burnish the drawing which evens out the pencil marks on the paper .and gives the portrait a smoother finished look .

pencil portraits from £120
 stages in creating a colour
soft pastel
artist portrait by hand
portrait artist pastel drawing method
completed artist
pastel drawing 
portrait artist pastel drawing girl

roughly the method I use to create a pastel portrait drawing

I lightly sketch in the face details on my pastel paper then with my pallette of flesh colours of pastel chalk sticks
I roughly shade in all the main areas  then I go over the drawing  again refining the areas and blending the dry colours as I go adding more and more detail taking care with eyes nose mouth etc.
until I get the finished result.

pastel portraits from £195
showing some of the stages in painting a colour oil portrait 
by hand using quality artist materials
portrait artist oil painting method
completed artist
oil painting 
portrait artist oil painting child

roughly the method I use to create a portrait painting

I create a line drawing  and paint over the line with a dark colour
I then roughly add a colour wash of my pallette of flesh colours in light medium and darkareas as appropriate
I go over this with heavier colour refining the areas as I go blending colours and  putting more detail around eyes nose mouth etc
each area is more refined in turn adding more meticulous detail using smaller brushes until I get a finished result

oil paintings from £300
david gilchrist portraits_edited.png

visit my dog portraits page for details of my genuine dog portraits created by hand from your special photo

portrait artist dog painting .jpg
 to dog page

I create premium quality portrait artist oil paintings
and b&w pencil / colour pastel drawings in SCOTLAND, UK
get in touch for a price list

You can order a luxury oil portrait on canvas or a drawing on heavy art paper from your special photos by a professional artist working in the west of Scotland. Personal service and a quick turn - around by Scottish portrait painter for people and pet artworks
Here are some more ideas for a painting or drawing portraits from  photos

A pet painting can make a wonderful gift for friends or family, pet drawings are economical and stylish, my people oil paintings on stretched canvas  are fabulous birthday gifts for grandparents etc., and all come in 2 standard sizes from your images for easy framing


portrait artist pastel drawing

Hi David,

Just to let you know I have framed the 3 drawings and they look super - thank you very much I am delighted with them - have a good Christmas - regards,

 Margaret Burns

portraits from photos.jpg
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