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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

hand drawn portraits boy
hand drawn portrait of a boy

hi do you like art ? - do you like photos ?

have you got photos hiding in drawers or stored away in the internet and forgotten. such a shame not to see your fabulous photos every day and miss out on all those great family memories

you could print them out and hang them up on the wall - a much better idea -

but wait an even better idea is to have your best photos used to commission portraits from your photos in pencil by a talented artist. hand drawn portraits are a great inexpensive way to get some wonderful original art on your walls and a pencil portrait of your granny is a lasting reminder for you and your family.

I am David Gilchrist and i am a portrait artist in the UK living near Glasgow in west central Scotland and i create hand drawn portraits from your photos of people and pets. You can visit my website and see lots of sample portraits of my portraits drawn in a realistic style each one a unique piece of art created by hand. email me and get your quote today for your hand drawn portrait


David Gilchrist

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