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Professional portraits from photos

Updated: Aug 16

would you like a painting or drawing of one of the family perhaps a child or mother or grandmother or even the much loved family pet ?

where do you start ?

I draw and paint genuine artist portraits from photos in the UK from clients cherished photographs Each original artwork is expertly crafted professionaly to your requirements and can be a straight copy of a photo or you could have the background changed or even get rid of that annoying person waving in the background no-one noticed when the photograph was being taken. If you contact me with your requirements I can let you know what is possible.

Please note that your images need to be clear and crisp ( not fuzzy or blurry in any way ) you have to be careful when looking out photos as nearly all photos will look ok in a small thumbnail size. you can only really tell if a photograph is going to be clear enough by enlarging it to a size where you can see all the detail clearly and i can do this for you and let you know if your photo is suitable. Some photos taken on mobile phones or have been stored online , which again look ok in a small size on the computer, may just break up into pixels when enlarged so I always need to see photos before i give you a quote. This prevents you paying a deposit only to find out the picture that you love is not going to be suitable for a good portrait likeness. I try to prevent this if possible to avoid disapointment to customers.

Oil paintings are created by hand on stretched cotton canvas ( the canvas is stapled over a light wooden frame ( hidden when painting is hung ) which stretches it tight ) Canvas is ideal for painting portraits from photos in oils as the surface holds paint well and the texture is pleasing to the eye and adds to the paintings character and also keeps the canvas flat for posting to clients when finished. the canvas is also ready to frame ( the outside decorative frame seen by the public when painting is hung on a wall )

professoinal portraits from photos oil painting
professional portraits from photos sample oil painting

David Gilchrist

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