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portraits painted from your photos

Updated: Aug 16, 2022



I create artist portraits from photos portrait drawings and paintings by hand from your photos all 100% by hand


only original artist portraits traditionally created by hand using artist quality materials from top manufacturers to help ensure that you get a high quality artwork that will last many years.


I am a professional Scottish artist with many years experience in producing quality artwork for clients and i am experienced in working from " life " and photos and now specialise in working from your photographic images as this is more convenient for most customers.


what do you need for an awsome portrait ?

you will have to provide me with a good clear photograph preferably close-up and the best quality you can get. A good photo will be a great aid to me but a photo that is out of focus and is fuzzy, blurred etc will not give best results, usually takes longer to produce and not of the usual standard.

your photograph does not need to be professional, but has to be clear enough to see all the features clearly - this is importrant to give a good likeness. A poor quality photo will not give great results and i may not be able to work from poor quality images that are not sharp enough.

smaller photos Please note that i have to enlarge small or thumbnail photos to a size that i would normally work from and some may look ok in small size but can break up or go fuzzy when they are enlarged because some photos will not be of a standard that i can work from i have to see all photos first to ensure i can create a suitable likeness. clearer photos will always give me a better chance of creating a likeness as in your photograph

hi res reference photo
reference photo


I can create portraits of people and pets of all types from your favourite images and you can find sample portraits in my gallery pages.


I create original artist oil paintings in colour, by hand from your photographs. oils are painted on stretched cotton canvas to order see oil gallery here


wonderful pastel drawings in colour on heavy artist paper with backing board and surround mount. see pastel galley here


portraits created in pencil on heavy artist paper complete with backing board and surround mount. see pencil gallery here


I price my work according to size, type of portrait ( oil or pencil etc. ) and number of people or pets that are in the portrait.( not large groups ) larger sizes are usually better for detail and some portraits may not be available in smaller sizes. see pricing page

I hope this has helped guide you and if you need more info. please get in touch

regards David Gilchrist

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