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Artist portraits from photos

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

portraits from photos
woman holding pastel portrait of dog


i want to show everyone the photo I received

from one of my customers, Carol Bernard.

Carol ordered a couple of artist portraits from photos from me of her dog ,

one was a pencil portrait and the other was in colour pastel .

It shows Carol holding the framed portrait of the pastel drawing

of her lovely family dog and she has also kindly allowed me to

show photos of the drawings on my website pages.

this lets you see real portraits that have been ordered by clients

and gives a chance to see how a portrait looks framed under glass for protection .

i can create professional portraits of people and pets for you using this wonderful medium that gives subtle blends and shading ideally suited to portrait work. and is excellent for drawing animal fur and skin etc.

pastel portraits are created using coloured pastel sticks like chalk onto premium pastel paper or board by a pastel portrait artist with many years experience working from clients photographs of people or pets from photos.

so,thanks Carol Bernard and family.

it is appreciated


David Gilchrist


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