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Artist Dog Portraits You Will Love

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I create professional paintings and drawings of dog portraits from your favourite photos in the UK

portraits in oil, pastel and pencil

if you are looking for realistic dog artist portraits of your pets then i should be able to help you

as i have been working from clients photos producing quality artwork for many years now.

creating more special memories of your pet that you can treasure always

I do not do computer aided digital portraits

all my artist portraits are 100% created by hand and are genuine using traditional methods and quality art materials from some of the worlds top manufactures . Using the best artist materials helps ensure that my portraits will last over a long period and give consistent quality results that you wont get from inferior products.

what do you need for a great portrait ?

For best results and a great dog portrait for you it is important you have a good clear closeup photo of your favourite pal, you do not want your photo to be fuzzy or out of focus etc as I need to see the details in your image clearly to draw or paint properly .

Even a slightly fuzzy image takes longer and is usually not as successful and can produce a poor image and the rule of thumb to remember is the better the photograph the more successful the artwork you will get.

please note good clear images are so important that I always need to see your photos so I know that I can work from them to a standard you would expect.

you can go to my main dog portrait webpage here

dog portraits
dog oil painting by David Gilchrist UK

Here are the types of artwork I can do for you

  1. hand painted oil painting portrait

  2. pastel portrait chalk drawing

  3. b&w pencil drawing portrait

oil painting

artist oil paintings of people or pets etc. painted on stretched cotton canvas by hand using latest fast drying winsor and newton oil colours, this is a style preferred by many and you can frame or leave unframed and does not need glass for protection

pastel drawing

this style is the least known and is drawn on special pastel paper or board can produce a soft velvety textured chalky surface which is ideal for soft blends in skin, fur etc.

comes complete with backing board and a card surround mount for easy framing.

pastel people or dog portraits need to be framed under glass for protection from damp, smudging etc.

pencil drawing

my pencil portraits of pets and people are drawn on a white textured art paper by matt black art pencils from top manufacturers which can produce very dark black areas when needed.

This style also comes with backing board and card surround mount ready to frame under glass for protection



you can get more info. and samples etc. if you visit my dog portraits webpage on my main portraits artist website

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